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Business as Unusual: Exploding the ‘business as usual’ mindset to transform corporations with purpose.


What our
partners say

“Social business is an incredible breath of innovation. We find new ways to produce our product. We look at the company from a society standpoint – inside out and include the idea of social value creation in strategic planning.”
Emmanuel Faber, Former CEO, Danone

Business as unusual

There is a momentous shift happening right now.

Businesses are under increasing scrutiny from their employees, their customers and governments to help solve the global challenges we face in the world.

Limiting the harm a business causes to our planet and society is no longer enough - real transformation means creating positive social and environmental value for society.

How does a company transform for purpose?

At Yunus Social Business, we focus on social businesses that solve pressing human challenges. Our research looks at how companies can transform to purpose-led organisations through practical experiences, case studies and tools.
Through social intrapreneurship, growing social businesses and initiatives from within the company, social procurement, partnering with and integrating social enterprises into their supply chains, or whether change comes from the top-down from C-level and shareholder action, our research lays out actionable pathways for transformation. And for those that are not already convinced of the purpose-mission, we run quantitive experiments within companies to make the case for social intrapreneurship.

We call it business as unusual.

Social procurement: sourcing goods from social businesses as part of the value chain.

The Social Procurement Manual: A practical guide to integrating social businesses into corporate value chains.

Social Procurement can be both profitable and valuable but companies and social enterprises need support to make the partnerships work. In this report we map the social procurement journey, providing case studies and practical tools for companies that want to start ‘buying social’.

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A companion report, Corporate-Ready, published by Acumen, explores what it takes for social enterprises to be “corporate-ready,” and what impact these business partnerships have.

Case studies

Follow the journey of social procurement

The Social Procurement Manual shares insights and frameworks to help them better understand the concept of social procurement. We uncover the value of social procurement for corporations and tools to create partnerships with social businesses more efficiently. 

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Just getting started?

The Quick Check touches on the seven most important areas for social innovation and assesses how ready you and your company are to support social entrepreneurship.
The Readiness Assessment is a quick way of benchmarking your organisation's capacity for social innovation.

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Introduce social procurement into your value chain

Discover how you can create inclusive value chains
by buying from social businesses.

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